“Julianstown will grow into an attractive, safe and sustainable village.  Founded on its rich history and ecology, it will be home to a vibrant, creative and enterprising community, welcoming to all."


                              About Us
Julianstown District and Community Association (formerly known as Julianstown Residents Association) was formed in 2010 as a legal company.It has provided a very effective means by which local residents have come together in the pursuit of common goals for our village.
Our Aims:
1 .To protect and enhance Julianstown 's distinctive identity through its buildings, structures landscape
2. To develop Julianstown into a sustainable village with the amenities and quality of environment its community desire.
3. To bring a social and economic vitality back to Julianstown.



Join Us

We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from Julianstown Residents  members and volunteers, new and old.

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